The MECTRA company is founded by Ed Domanski, who previously worked for the BRADLEY Corporation. The name MECTRA combines the company’s partners at that time; that is, Mechanical Contractors and Trade Wholesalers

Since February 2015, the company has been headed by Steve McCrary, Christian Hudon and their dynamic team. A winning combination that upholds the traditions of this 40+ year-old family business.


  • Become the most dynamic representative of building mechanical products in Quebec
  • Work in close collaboration with our partners to maximize the strengths of each
  • Help the best manufacturers benefit from our expertise, our business network and our know-how
  • Build a team of dynamic, competent and highly trained employees to become industry leaders
  • Leverage social media and other technologies to stay in touch with industry members



  • We rely on our expertise, network of contacts and professionalism to help us identify new business opportunities in the Quebec construction and renovation sector
  • We commit to delivering the best quality services, whether you’re an engineer, entrepreneur, architect, designer, plumber, maintenance operative, wholesaler or even a retailer. We also guarantee quality standards for your projects, regardless of size.
  • We put the spotlight on our manufacturers and their product ranges